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The requirement for needling in the building industry is now more prevalent than ever. Homeowners naturally have a preference for flat ceilings as opposed to obtrusive bulkheads, up until now this was only possible by using traditional needling methods.

As a temporary support, needles are used for a variety of situations including supporting walls whilst creating knock through extensions when RSJ's need to be lost in ceilings as well as the increasingly popular floor to ceiling patio door/bi-fold doors. The major downfall to this traditional process is not just the massive disruption to the upstairs of the property but the sheer cost and time that this incurs to the project.

So welcome  Sneedle Props. Eliminates drilling through upstairs walls 

Sneedle Props are an innovative alternative to traditional needling methods. Sneedle Props are a structurally engineered single sided system that supports the wall from the outside and allows only the knock through area to be disrupted. This patented system not only saves substantial  time and cost, it minimises the the disruption for the homeowner and adds to overall customer satisfaction.

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