Prior to using any Sneedle Prop you should identify that this is a suitable method to carry out the planed work if unsure consult a structural engineer. You must identify all loading's that the sneedle props will have to support including loads from a floor above, a roof, tiles, water tank in loft, full bath, people walking around above etc as you would any form of needling.

We recommend that only one opening to be created at a time within one length of wall. it should be checked that the wall and any timbers are in good condition prior to any knock through as remedial work may be needed first.

You should obtain competent structural engineering advice if there is any doubt about the condition of the structure or the nature of the loading or if any unusual loads are suspected.

Caution Sneedle Props are Heavy 40Kg (Two person Lift) and may have sharp edges always wear protective clothing Gloves and protective Footwear maximum load per Sneedle 400KG  to be spaced at no more than 900mm centers you should get advice from a structural engineer if you have any doubts