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To introduce us:

We have been working in the building industry for over 50 years between us. From building small extensions right through to building luxury apartment Blocks, working at various MOD establishments, Eton college in Windsor, Park Lane London, and in the later years locally to home in Hook and the surrounding areas in Hampshire.

We have acquired so much experience in the building sector and come across so many obstacles most of which there are solutions out there. But after doing numerous extensions that required needling for hiding steels etc we decided that there must be an alternative way without creating unnecessary extra work upstairs. 

So we put our thinking heads on and thought we need to do our next extension without  disturbing the upstairs, refurbished bathrooms and newly decorated bedrooms. So after trawling the internet  even-though we knew there was no other way of doing this process other than conventional needling we found nothing.

So we put pencil to paper made prototypes and with structural engineers calculations tried and tested to create our own props that would do the job in hand.

We invented the single sided needle prop, SNEEDLE PROPS TM   

Patent No  GB 2581379B

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